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Figital Market Group was founded with the mission to help local retail stores to be part of the digital era

Our story

Today companies can offer customers almost all products and services through digital shops. We believe that we can increase and leverage the sales of our products and services when a dedicated salesperson in the store helps to sell it.

With the FMGs distribution network and digital e-commerce platform we help digital vendors not only to reach out in the local store with their offers, but we also help the local store owner to expand their business and increase their range of digital products to their customers .

We are passionate about helping the local retail store to expand their business and to give them a tool to get control of their customers, getting an e-shop of their own and a possibility to start selling products to their customers, not only when they are in the store, but also online.

Figital Market group is a Swedish company founded in 2018.

The journey has just begun and we are excited to take the stores to the next level, to become the local hybrid store.