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Betmarket is the affiliate solution for the betting shop/local retail store

With Betmarket they can sell relevant offers and share games from betting companies to their customers.

The shop owner have a unique situation, because they usually have good relation with their customers and trust when it comes to betting. The owner is often known as a gaming expert and many of his/her customers is following his recommendation for share games, for betting tips and analysis.

Through Betmarket the betting shop can set up his own customer club where he can deliver the most relevant betting tips and analysis to his customers. He also gets a webshop of his own, to show and sell relevant products to his customers.

How it works

1. Betmarket partner up with betting companies that want to find new customers to market their products too.

2. The salesperson in the store market the campaign to his or her customers through informing about the campaign or share game on the tablet.

3. The campaigns is shown on the tablet that is placed in the store and on his website.

4. The customer will then get a sms with a link to the offer or the game. The customer then needs to click the link and sign up for the offer.

Learn more about Betmarket at the website